Bacon Backyard BBQ for Independence Day

What’s the one ingredient that can make every one of your backyard BBQ dishes shine? That will kick up the flavors and make everyone come back for more?? Bacon, that’s what. Take some fresh figs and wrap them with bacon for an amazing starter! Your guests will gobble them up. Pair the figs with a light, […]

germchocfinal (1)

Happy German Chocolate Cake Day & Early Father’s Day

My dad’s favorite cake has always been German chocolate cake. Early in this cake’s life, that meant using Samuel German’s baking chocolate to make a light-bodied chocolate layer cake, then adding coconut, caramel and pecan icing or glaze in between the layers and on top. You can see why he liked it so much! When […]

zesty bbq ribs recipe

10 Summer Grilling Tips + Zesty BBQ Ribs Recipe

Summer is grilling time! If you aren’t as familiar with grills and how to use them to their full, delicious advantage, you can be out in the cold this time of year. Well, we’ve got 10 summer grilling tips to get you heated up and in the swing of summer. Gas grills burn cleaner than […]

Caramel Coconut Cookie Ice Cream Pie

Caramel Coconut Cookie Ice Cream Pie & a Slew of Summer Pie Recipes

Written by Liz – When summer rolls around, there is one dessert I really crave — ice cream. I love to make ice cream in all it forms: ice milk, frozen yogurt, sorbet, granita, etc. And when I need a dessert to please a group, ice cream pie is one of the easiest ways to […]