Domaine Porto Carras Chateau Porto Carras Greek Wine

Greek Wines: Drinking History with Elegance

I’ve always been a fan of Greek wines. They’re lean, racy, elegant and complex, all at the same time. Greeks still possess a vigorously old-world wine-making mindset and I, for one, am thankful. You won’t find any fruit bombs here, but you’ll find wines that can compete with Bordeaux’s best blends or nuanced whites from Sancerre, France. […]

Vanilla Cappuccino

Top 10 New Year’s Cocktails & Coffee Recipes

Written by Liz – With this roundup of our top 10 New Year’s cocktails + coffee recipes, you’ll be rocking in the new year. 1. Coffee Abuelatini With iced coffee, chocolate and cinnamon flavors, this Coffee Abuelatini above is a classy choice for entertaining. 2. Puerto Rican Rum Punch (Coquito) Try this Latin-inspired cocktail to […]


No-Fail Sweet Potato Pie: Southern Charm on a Plate

Written by Liz – Being from the South/Midwest/Above Texas, the thought of a sweet potato pie with a pecan pie topping really appealed to me. Plus, this one even had “No Fail” in the recipe title (thanks to Rene Garza for this recipe)! After making the Roasted Banana Cream Pie with Butterscotch Ganache (so good!) […]

Vin Chaud: holiday mulled wine

Vin Chaud: Heavenly Mulled Wine

I once attended Christmas Eve Mass in an old cathedral built in the 1100s in Lausanne Switzerland. What I loved the most about this was the musty, mystical feel of the church filled with villagers in the cold night, the fact that I could understand much of the sermon in French, and the vin chaud […]