Creepy Halloween Punch: Bone Chillin' Brew Recipe
Recipe type: Drinks
Prep time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 24 servings
Ever since I bought my new cake stand which doubles as a punch bowl, I've been looking for excuses to make punch. I fondly remember my mother's parties when I was young, complete with polyester suits, funny 70s hairstyles and punch for everyone. So I was excited to find this creepy Halloween Punch, Bone Chillin' Brew, to make for my friends.
  • 3 cups water
  • 3 clear plastic gloves
  • 3 rubber bands or twist ties
  • 2 bottles (64 fl. oz. each) punch-flavored juice, chilled
  • 1 can (12 fl. oz.) frozen lemonade concentrate, slightly thawed
  • 4 cans (12 fl. oz. each) lemon-lime soda, chilled
  2. POUR water into gloves, adding enough water to fill the gloves loosely but not so full that the fingers will not move. Fasten gloves with rubber bands or twist ties. Line baking sheet with paper towels. Place filled gloves on paper towels. Freeze for 3 hours or until firm.
  4. COMBINE juice and lemonade concentrate in large punch bowl. Gradually stir in soda. Carefully cut gloves off hands with scissors. Float hands in punch.
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