Rounded Acidity: Tercero 2010 Grenache Blanc

Tercero 2010 Grenache Blanc

I think my very favorite thing in wine is acid. I’ll take an elegant, restrained and acidic European wine over a Napa cult cab or Paso fruit bomb with any cheese plate! Acid in wine is what makes it go well with food. Think of it as the lemon on your fish, lightening and freshening the dish. It also helps clear your mouth between bites and get you ready for more. If you are eating a heavy meat with a heavy sauce, think about what that would be like with a heavy wine as well! Not easy to digest my friend. I would suggest a wine with some acid in it.

But the best wines have a perfect balance: a good amount of acid as well as balanced fruit, interesting flavors and a well-rounded body (kind of like the perfect mate). And the Tercero 2010 Grenache Blanc achieves that beautifully. Tercero wines in Santa Barbara wine country are consistent year after year in their superb ability to go well with food. Larry Schaffer has been making wines for almost 10 years including a stint learning the craft at Fess Parker winery in the Santa Ynez Valley. Now he single-handedly runs his small boutique wine company, making over 13 different wines for his tasting room in the bustling town of Los Olivos while concurrently raising 3 children and being active in the community. Kind of like the perfect man.

This 2010 Grenache Blanc is fresh, crisp and has notes of fresh fruits like peach, orange and lemon as well as some mineral/stone flavors. It’s medium-bodied with a long finish and is perfect for a variety of foods (great for pasta with spring vegetables) or just chilled on a warm day. It’s kind of like the perfect white wine.

Bonne Digestion!


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